Friday, November 29, 2013

Don't Expect, Accept!

I do not know how many times in my life I have expected something, and when that something didn't happen, I became extremely disappointed.  Life can be hard, circumstances can be hard, but as we accept our circumstances, we are able to find joy in the moment and not be disappointed when our expectations not met. 

I have found that the only thing I have control over is the here and now. I do not have control over the past, and I do not have control over the future,but I do have control over this moment. The now. So what am I going to do with the now? I am not perfect, nor will I ever be, but I can strive to be my best self the "now" will allow. I can strive to be okay with my imperfections that I have within the "now." Imperfections only mean room for improvement. When you expect perfection, you will only find disappointment. When you accept imperfection, you allow yourself to grow and fly higher than ever imagined. 

I have learned from mistakes I have made, disappointment I have felt, and the impossibility of always trying to be perfect crushing me. Not a fun place to be! It is impossible to be perfect, so why do we expect perfection within ourselves? 

I have learned that all I truly can control is the now. As I have learned to accept what I cannot control, and use what I can control for my benefit, I have found that accepting is so much more freeing than expecting. 

Yes, we can have dreams and reach for the stars, but we do not know exactly what the future holds, so we need to accept the now, and work towards what we want in the future. As we work towards our dreams, we will get some of what we may expect, but we will also have unseen events, change in circumstances, loss, and pain that may all stunt our progress. We need to learn to allow these roadblocks to work within us to make us better than we would have ever been without them! When difficult times arise, and they will, we need to choose now to allow them to benefit us, and not allow them to destroy us. 

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