Thursday, December 26, 2013

More Than Just A Dream


I have a dream, but it is more than just a dream. It is a dream that will one day become a reality. Not because of the hope I have in this dream, but the belief, desire, and determination within to make it happen. 

This past year I have had a small desire to write a book. I didn't think it would ever happen, I just thought it would be cool. As the year continued on, I started to meet people, small events started happening, and these people and events led to more people and events that have made my dream seem more like a reality and became an even bigger desire! I now have so many connections that I am so grateful for and that have placed me on the path of authorship! 

I have been amazed at how I have been led to this path and how every step I take down this path leads me to something greater! And this is not because my dream is just falling into my lap. It is because I am doing something. I am going after my dream. I am following where my heart is leading. I am accomplishing great things and am further in the writing process than I ever would have thought I would be! I am actually writing a book!

This dream is not easy! It is going to be a lot of work! But it will be completely worth it! 

What dream are you going after?

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